We are pleased to offer Financial Education Seminars, where one can learn about topics to help you with your financial journey.  See below for details of our upcoming in-person Seminar and complete the requested information to register.


Wealth Matters

In 1789, Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States Constitution, provided the world with this great quote, “nothing is more certain than death and taxes”. Over 233 years later and it still rings true.


It is essential to have your affairs in order to ensure that your property and family members are cared for after your death. Your estate plan is the map for your wishes and directives for when you are unable to express such requests either due to incapacity or death. By creating an estate plan, you will ensure that your money, property and personal belongings will pass to your loved ones in accordance with your wishes and not those of your legislature or the courts.


The law is complex and constantly changing. Knowing the truth about Estate Planning myths can help you avoid numerous mistakes that can be costly to you and your love ones.


Join us on January 28th as we explore some myths of Estate Planning as well as address the Top Five Components of Estate Planning, including:

  1. Wills and Trust
  2. Durable Power of Attorney
  3. Medical or Health Care Power
  4. Living Will
  5. Beneficiary Designees

The beginnning of the year is a great time to ensure your affairs are in order. Complete the form below to secure your spot!

This event is at capacity.



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