Protect Yourself and Your Family

Without good support, dealing with identity theft of any kind can be a maddening experience. It typically involves countless hours on the phone and frustrating paperwork. LifeStages isn’t just a fraud monitoring or recovery service. It’s the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions that is designed to protect every phase of your life—even helping with document replacement after a theft or disaster. With LifeStages, the phone calls and paperwork are handled by experts who know how to navigate recovery processes so you can stay focused on life and what matters to you. LifeStages provides:

  • Educational resources for learning how to minimize risks
  • Full identity theft recovery assistance 
  • Proactive risk reduction and resolution for all types of identity theft
  • Document and identification replacement, whether they were stolen or lost in a natural disaster
  • Protection for your spouse and immediate family members who lives in your household 
  • Unlimited 24/7 access to dedicated fraud specialists with a 99 percent customer satisfaction rate

Don’t wait until you’re a victim before getting the coverage you need; protect your personal information by enrolling today.

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