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Loans & Credit Cards

Auto Loans

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New Auto Loans

Take advantage of our low rates, flexible terms up to 72 months, and up to 100% MSRP plus tax, license, title fees and optional insurance products. You can use a new vehicle loan to buy a new car, truck, van, sport utility vehicle, RV, even a new boat!

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Used Auto Loans

If a pre-owned vehicle is what you have in mind, we can offer great loan values. You can finance your used auto at fixed rates that are very competitive and for terms up to 60 months. Do you have your vehicle financed through another institution?
Its not to late to refinance with MPS Credit Union and start enjoying our low rates and friendly service!

No Penalties For Early Pay Offs

We charge only simple interest. So, if you repay ahead of schedule, you’ll save money on interest. There’s no penalty for early repayment.

We Make It Easier To Repay

Enjoy the convenient and painless way of making your loan payments with payroll deduction.

Payment Protection

Credit Life/Disability Insurance, GAP Insurance,

Vehicle Service Agreement and LoJack are available at a nominal charge.

Looking For A Car?

You may want to check out our trusted partner Auto Seekers. This car-buying service will do the price haggling for you and will deliver your car to your home, office or at any of our locations. Contact our auto advisor at 786-206-2783

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DrivingSense, A Great Auto Loan Choice!

How would you like a vehicle financing program that combines the best features of conventional vehicle financing with the benefits of leasing? DrivingSense has the low monthly payments of a lease plus the best part of conventional financing – actually owning the vehicle. The low monthly payments give you more car for your money, and you have the valuable equity that comes with owning your vehicle!

How does DrivingSense compare to a conventional loan?

Conventional Loan DrivingSense™ Loan
Loan amount $36,000 $36,000
Interest rate 5.25% APR 6.00% APR
Number of payments 36 36
MONTHLY PAYMENTS $1,083.02 $745.38

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