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About Us


Our History

MPS Credit Union was formed for the sole purpose of providing financial services to our owner-members. The MPS Credit Union was created in 1928 when a small group of postal workers got together and opened the credit union doors for business. In January 1930 the credit union was chartered under the state charter as Miami Postal Service Credit Union.

MPS Credit Union has grown from those early years into a highly competitive credit union offering a variety of products and services to our members. We offered checking accounts long before most credit union’s our size and in 1994 we were one of the first credit unions to have a website. We have expanded our field of membership to areas within a 15 mile radius of each of our three branches, serving most of Miami-Dade County and South of Broward County.

At MPS Credit Union, each voice is heard since it is our job to see that we are offering the best quality services for our members. Our Volunteer Board of Directors and professional management team works hard to make sure MPS Credit Union is Better than a Bank®.

Our Philosophy

MPS Credit Union is a not-for-profit, member owned financial cooperative. A $5 deposit into a savings account is a "share" in the Credit Union, which means you become a member and owner of our credit union.

Since MPS Credit Union is not-for-profit it is managed for the sole benefit of our members and offers many financial services at better rates and fees than other financial institutions. Profits are returned to members in the form of higher savings rates, lower loan rates, and lower fees.

Credit unions have two ongoing philosophies that we abide by:

The first -- people, helping people -- goes back to the origin of credit unions, formed by groups of people with a common bond who wanted an alternative to traditional banking services. By pooling their money, they were able to achieve higher savings rates and lower loan rates.

The second -- once a member, always a member -- has been a part of our credit union's charter since the beginning. Whether you move, retire or change employment, you remain a member of MPS Credit Union, provided you maintain your $5 deposit in your Regular Savings account.

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